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Monica Boxley is a designer and maker of fine leather handbags, unique clothing and contemporary jewellery inspired by the classic styles of the 50′s and quirky styles of the 60′s. Monica’s designs are manufactured in London and she is very proud to stock gifts and accessories from UK designer-makers in her prominent boutique in Church Street, Twickenham.

The Brief: To create a compelling visual identity for the Monica Boxley brand. Applications would include; visuals for Monica Boxley’s e-commerce website, POS tags, advertising and invitations to exclusive shopping events.

The Marianne handbag is the best know of her handbag designs, inspired and named after her mother. The bags have a vintage-style purse clasp, with polkadot lining. We decided to weave the story behind the Marianne bag and the use of vintage fabrics into a new visual identity. The new identity layers new imagery with vintage photographs, fabric swatches, memorabilia and contemporary jewellery creating an intriguing hint of nostalgia while bringing the brand bang up to date.