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When Sophis UK, A French owned Portfolio and Risk Management Solutions company, first approached us, their marketing material presented a fractured visual identity of the company with an array of different messaging. The company had just updated their website and then found that the supporting material needed to work harder and present a coherent, consistent message to show they were a significant player in a specialised business sector on a global level.

The way Sophis communicated with the media and with analysts is in line with its personality: professional, informed, intelligent, responsive, driven and confident (without being arrogant). However, they needed a stronger global message across the board and the ability to deliver forward looking ideas that support long-term initiatives. Communication with clients and prospects needed to be improved and the company felt they were not making the most of developing a true ‘Sophis Community’ and aligning clients to the Sophis brand.

In the past their focus was delivering the solutions, rather than ensuring consistency in communications. As the company was growing – this needed to change. One of the first things we looked at was breaking down the information in the existing collateral so we could provide an overview of a product or service without going into the depth of technical detail. This would be the job of fact sheets and technical sheets which would be distributed as required via PDF. The company also worked with two defined audiences and again the approach was to tailor the information in the overview materials to provide solutions to the needs of their specific audiences.