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UltraGenda’s mission is to produce the world’s finest IT solutions to support referral and scheduling processes in healthcare, with special emphasis on hospitals, HMO’s and healthcare communities. The undisputed excellence of the UltraGenda solution is ‘Best in Class’ and we make use of this claim as key messaging and as a branding device over all applications.

UltraGenda does not really have a need for printed material. However, it is always good to hand out literature at events for potential clients to take away from a discussion or presentation. The solution overview brochure gives just enough information and the call to action directs them to make a call or visit the website.

The multi language, CMS website was designed to provide in depth information, case studies and white papers and to give client access to secure information.

It’s always been a pleasure to work with you, and I hope to continue our collaboration in the next years. Whether flyers, stand panels or website lay-out, what you do for us is always an example of good taste; and what a relief to work with someone who keeps her deadlines and budgets!
Look forward to the next job!